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Preventing Credit Card Fraud During Your Vacation

After planning an exciting vacation, you just want to enjoy it, and the last thing you want to worry about is having your credit card information stolen by an opportunistic thief. However, this can easily happen if you’re not careful. The staff at ADS Guards, a leading San Jose security guard company, has a few tips to help you protect your personal information when on vacation.

Travel Light

Avoid taking all of your credit cards on your trip. Choose one card with an adequate credit limit and low interest rate. If you are traveling overseas, you should also choose the card with the lowest foreign transaction fees. It is a good idea to notify the credit card company of your travel plans because this can help them distinguish legitimate charges from potentially fraudulent ones.

Make Digital Copies of Your Cards

Create a digital copy of the front and back sides of your credit cards as well as other important travel documents. You will then have all of your relevant account numbers and contact information in the event your cards or documents are lost or stolen. You can easily store the digital copies on a flash drive, which you can keep secure by wearing it around your neck.

Beware of Hotel Safes

You should never assume your credit cards and other valuables are completely secure in your hotel room safe. Slick fraudsters can trick hotel staff into gaining access to your room and even the safe. If you leave belongings in the safe, be sure to check on them as soon as you return to the room, and notify hotel management immediately if something is missing.

Avoid Public Computers

Though tracking your account activity is a good idea, you should never use the computers located in the hotel lobby or business center to access your accounts. There is a high likelihood these computers could have tracking software that allows con artists to collect your personal information. You should only access your accounts via a password-protected secure Internet connection using your own laptop or mobile device.

If you’d like additional tips for keeping your credit card information protected, get in touch with the security experts at ADS Guards. We offer highly trained security guards for residential and commercial spaces, as well as event security services in San Jose. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 to learn more and receive a complimentary quote.