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How to Organize Security for a Private Event

Whether you are hosting a small conference, a sporting event where alcohol is served, or a high profile fundraiser featuring well known guests, organizing security should be an essential part of your planning process. Qualified security personnel can not only assess risks and help control access to the event, but can also immediately respond to any emergency situations. Before you make a decision about security, there are several things that you’ll need to consider.

It’s important to hire security guards have the skills, experience and training to handle any situation. You’ll need to contact local guard companies in San Jose and ask about their licensing and qualifications as a security company. Don’t be afraid to ask about how their security guards are trained and what hiring requirements are. This will help you become familiar with the company’s services and can provide you with an additional sense of comfort and peace of mind.

You’ll then need to determine the level of security needed for your event. For instance, you can hire security guards in plain clothes who can move through crowds undetected or observe a situation without being noticed. Uniformed security guards on the other hand, help to convey the message that you are serious about deterring any trouble at the venue. You will also want to decide whether the degree of security requires armed security guards in San Jose or if unarmed security is best for your particular private event.

Finally, you’ll need to make sure the licensed security guard company you hire has the right experience to provide security for the size of your event. Several security team members will be sufficient for smaller conferences, while larger events with hundreds of attendees may require enough security officers to handle crowd control, I.D. verification and conflict resolution among guests. Expect your security team to visit your venue ahead of time and review the physical site as well as the program or schedule of events so that they can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of where security will be positioned and what jobs they will perform.

Organizing security for a private event doesn’t mean that you expect any trouble. Rather, having the proper kind of security team in place is a proactive step that avoids problems, communicates the message to your guests that your venue is a secure place, and increases the success of your event by ensuring the venue remains safe from the threat of criminal activity.

For more information about professional event security in San Jose, contact ADS Guards at 1-800-794-1550. We are a licensed and trusted security guard company that has been serving San Jose and the Bay Area for more than a decade. Find out more about our customizable services and start planning for your upcoming event.