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The Difference Between Security Patrol and On-Site Security Guards

If you own a business that you’d like monitored, hiring security guards in San Jose could help. There are two main types of security services available, on-site and patrol, and both have benefits and disadvantages.

Security Patrol

Security patrols typically come by the premise on a predetermined schedule. Sometimes referred to as “vehicle drive by” security, the routine checks help establish a security presence on the grounds. The San Jose security company and client can establish specifics in a contract, for instance, the number of total visits per day, including how many of those visits should take place at night. An agreement can also set forth what the security guard will be responsible for while on the premise. Typically, the cost for this kind of security service is relatively low. However, this type of security service often isn’t present during emergency situations.

On-Site Security

Residential developments, construction sites, and businesses with expensive equipment or open 24-hours a day might prefer on-site, dedicated security. With on-site security, a guard will be on the premise for all hours of coverage specified in the contract. The on-site security guard in San Jose can check-in guests, keep daily notes, investigate disturbances, respond to calls, and conduct foot patrols among other things. Having a dedicated security guard also means the guard will get a feel for the property and the regular residents, employees, or other persons on the property. On-site security guards cost more, but provide more comprehensive security services than security patrol.

Ultimately, determining how much security is necessary will help you make the final decision. If you’d like to learn more about the security services in your area, reach out to a representative at ADS Guards in San Jose. We can review security service options, decide how much security you need, and provide you with a free quote. You can contact us here or give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550.