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Top Growing Trends in Security

Thanks to a recovering economy, private security contractors, like ADS Guards in San Jose, are seeing increased demand for their services. One study estimates that spending on security services within the U.S. will increase to $64.5 billion by 2016. As with any industry, growth means change. As such, here are some of the fastest growing trends in security.

1. Remote Viewing

With more integration of video surveillance in alarm systems, security guards can expect to spend more time in front of a multitude of screens rather than patrolling properties. More and more companies are requesting remote viewing services in lieu of flesh and bone guards. However, security cameras are not yet sophisticated enough to eliminate the need for highly trained security guards, so traditional guards are not yet obsolete.

2. Specialization and Niche Market

Different industries require different types of security skills. A local library, for example, will not need the same security services that government agencies require. Security agencies that specialize in a particular set of services will be more attractive to clientele in the future.

3. Cyber Security and Private Investigators

In this age of computers, cybercrime is a growing issue. Cyber security and private investigations of cybercrime are direct responses to that problem. Small startups and large business firms alike are seeking computer savvy guards who can both develop lines of cyber defense and who can investigate and apprehend suspected cyber criminals.

4. Versatile Responsibilities

Many companies that contract security companies expect their guards to be more than simply a security provider. Rather than just patrolling a perimeter, security guards are sometimes expected to perform other duties, including light housekeeping, chauffeuring, and basic first aid.

5. Weapons and Combat Training

With the elevated risk of terrorist attacks and random acts of violence in the U.S., there is an increased call for armed security guards in San Jose. Many companies, including a growing number of schools, are looking to contract firms that offer guards trained in weapons and basic combat.

When security demands in the U.S. are evolving, security guards and agencies must be growing to meet those challenges and changes. ADS Guards in San Jose is a premiere provider of security guards that strives to deliver the best service for the shifting needs of its clients. Request a free quote or give us a call at [phone number] to speak with one of our helpful representatives.