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Making an Intruder Escape Plan

A home can be equipped with the best security features the world has to offer, but that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of an intrusion. Leading San Jose security guard provider, ADS Guards, strongly suggests creating an intruder escape plan before an intrusion actually happens. Sometimes, this can be the difference between escaping safely and landing in a bad situation. Here are a few tips for designing your escape plan.

Create an escape route.

The escape route you design should be one that works for all members of the household. Central points of the home tend to work better for all household members. You should also develop a backup meeting point if the escape point is inaccessible in the scenario, and make sure any children in the home are comfortable getting out on their own if necessary. Regardless of age, it’s a good idea to do a few run-throughs.

Contemplate various scenarios.

Unfortunately, a real life intrusion will probably differ greatly from the one you envision while creating your escape route. Simply put, you should have a plan in place for any scenario you can imagine. Try to put yourself in the shoes of an intruder when going over different scenarios and consider entry from various doors and windows in the house, or multiple intruders.

Encourage all household members to keep mobile phones nearby at night.

Intrusions most often happen at night while residents are likely to be asleep, and this often makes organizing and reacting much more difficult. Encourage your family to keep their phones nearby throughout the night in case they need to escape on their own or call emergency services in a surprise situation.

Lastly, keep your focus on escaping.

In the event of an intrusion, it’s likely that your adrenaline level will spike. This might cause your decision-making process to change, and you might take risks that you normally wouldn’t dream of taking. In short, you should never try to play the hero. If you aren’t already in a physical altercation with the intruder, keep your focus on getting out of the home safely.

Creating an intruder escape plan isn’t meant to scare you or fill your mind with terrible scenarios, rather prepare you and your family for an unlikely, but possible, situation. If you live in a housing development or planned community, you may have residential security guards that regularly patrol the neighborhood. If you don’t, but are interested in how a security guard can help prevent crime in residential areas, call ADS Guards at 1-800-794-1550. We have over 15 years of experience and are happy to answer any questions you may have.