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Does Surveillance Ever Violate Personal Privacy?

Though San Jose security guard companies like ADS Guards exist to protect residential and commercial spaces and prevent criminal activity, there are still individuals who feel their rights are affected when any type of surveillance exists for monitoring a particular space. Here are a few reasons why detractors of security surveillance think this violates their personal privacy.

When Daily Activities Are Monitored

Some people would argue certain types of surveillance, such as the methods used by the government, compromise their privacy by monitoring them without their knowledge and consent. For example, when the government uses a drone, which is an unmanned flying device, it can gather information about the daily activities of people in a neighborhood. Although the purpose of this surveillance is to maintain a secure environment for those who live in the neighborhood, these people believe the information collected is done so without their prior consent. As a result, they oppose this action, saying they or other individuals under surveillance are unaware they are being watched.

When Trust Is Breached

Surveillance in the workplace can sometimes negate the right to personal privacy. For instance, employees who know there are surveillance cameras in the office may feel the employer does not trust them. This, in turn, can create a power imbalance of employee versus employer. If an employee does not feel trusted by his or her employer, he or she may not feel valued by the company, which could result in a negative impact on the employee’s work performance.

When Someone Feels He or She Is Being Watched Unnecessarily

When there is surveillance in public places, this can potentially violate personal privacy by creating an environment where people sense someone is watching them unnecessarily. For example, law enforcement has stated hidden surveillance cameras on street corners or in shopping centers helps reduce crime while protecting the citizens. Advocates of this practice argue a criminal will hesitate to commit a crime in an area where he or she knows surveillance is present. However, others may argue crime is not significantly lowered and does not warrant compromising personal privacy.

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