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5 Internet Security Myths You Should Be Aware Of

The internet is a place where information and misinformation often collide on a variety of topics. Urban legends, myths, and fake news have become problematic in recent years, particularly regarding cyber security. When dealing with the protection of company, employee, and customer data, the last thing a business owner needs is to fall for internet security myths. At a time when cybercrime activity is generating more than a trillion dollars in global losses each year, it’s important to take note of the following online security misconceptions, brought to you by ADS Guards, one of the leading security companies in San Jose, CA.

1. Antivirus Software and Firewalls Provide Enough Protection

Ever since the “Creeper” virus was first detected in the ARPANET days, there has always been a need for protective measures beyond the standard firewall and antivirus software applications. In recent years, operating systems exploits and social engineering attacks have managed to bypass basic security measures. To this effect, phishing attacks and passwords stolen by various means are proving to be more damaging.

2. Mac OSX and iOS are Secure Computing Platforms

Operating systems developed by tech giant Apple are thought to be more secure than Windows, but this is only because they command less market share. The first computer virus detected in home computers was developed for Apple desktop systems in the early 1980s. If anything, hackers who set out to develop malware for iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and Macs relish the challenge and tend to be more skilled.

3. Online Security Software Slows Things Down

This may have been the case when Intel Pentium processors were the most powerful in the market, but it no longer applies in the era of the AMD Ryzen and Intel Skylake CPUs. Modern security software solutions are being developed to operate more efficiently. They can run in the background without slowing down applications and processes.

4. The New Cloud Computing Paradigm Offers More Security

Over the last few years, massive data breaches on public cloud systems managed by Amazon and Google have ushered a new concern in terms of information security. Part of the problem is the current state of geopolitics, which has seen the leak of cyber warfare weapons developed by the CIA and NSA. Now that hackers have accessed source code and strategies to exploit networks, they are choosing more substantial targets. Companies that put their digital infrastructure in the cloud must not ignore endpoint protection systems, and they should choose cloud computing providers with a proven security record.

5. Hackers Only Focus Their Efforts on Large Companies

Cybercrime groups are shifting their strategies so they involve “casting wide nets,” which means letting malicious processes and routines choose targets automatically. As long as a network presents a vulnerability, it becomes fair game for hackers. Even smart home automation devices such as advanced refrigerators and IP cameras can be targeted by cybercrime groups.

In addition to protecting your company’s internet activity, you might also want to hire highly trained security guards. San Jose businesses can place their trust in ADS Guards. For a free quote, call one of our knowledgeable representatives today at 1-800-794-1550.