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5 Ways to Improve Security Guard Performance

Creating and maintaining a dedicated and hard-working team of San Jose security guards is the most important part of building a strong and reputable security business. It is not enough to simply hire talented individuals, it is also vital to implement the best management techniques for ensuring that your crew is always providing an optimal level of service.

1. Have Field Supervisors Perform Random Spot Checks

Securing events or commercial facilities is rarely an endeavor that provides constant challenge. Many security professionals find that they have lots of downtime and they may be tempted to read books, use their electronic devices or engage in other activities that are not directly related to their job duties. Having field supervisors perform random spot checks will keep you guards active, engaged and ready for any unexpected developments that might occur.

2. Create an Incentives Program

Guards who consistently earn good reviews from your clients should be duly rewarded for their outstanding efforts. Letting your employees know that you reward stellar performance is a great way to challenge your team to aspire to a higher standard of service. Your reward program can be cash-based or it can include tickets to local events, electronics, vacation packages or any other rewards that are in line with your budget. Incentives programs also keep employee morale high.

3. Host Routine Employee Reviews

Every employee deserves feedback, especially in the security industry. This gives guards a chance to identify their weak areas while showing them that you recognize their ongoing contributions. For many companies, employee reviews and incentive programs are linked, so that guards can be rewarded for both favorable feedback from clients and optimal performance during the review process.

4. Regularly Evaluate Training Methods Based On Client Feedback

When clients complain about how security issues are being handled, it is important to ensure that your security training methods are adequately covering all possible scenarios in which your guards might find themselves. When training is found to be lacking, make sure to treat each of your current employees to a refresher course, rather than simply altering the training methods for new hires.

5. Implement Shift Routines to Boost Employee Morale

Find ways to get your team excited about their shifts. Some companies hold fitness activities together before team members are dispatched. Others provide free or discounted gym memberships that guards can use to limit their stress, boost their energy and streamline their physiques. Having meals with your employees is also a great way to foster team spirit. Ultimately, anything that you do to create the sense of a strong and unified company will provide benefits that will trickle down to your clients.

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