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How to Get the Most from Contract Security

If you’re thinking about hiring San Jose security guard services, or are looking for ways to manage your services better, there are some things you can do to get the most out of your contracted security professionals. Use the tips below to set new standards and keep everything running smoothly.

Hold Security Guards Accountable and Keep Records

Your security guards should always keep records and logbooks of their regular duties, as well as anything unusual that may have happened during work hours. This isn’t only so you can manage what they are doing, but so you always have a clean and clear record for future purposes or legal matters. Keeping a daily log and having defined responsibilities will also help keep trained security guards accountable and on task.

Have Clear Instructions

Miscommunication is often the cause for many problems in the workplace. Make sure security guards have a clear understanding of policies and procedures for daily responsibilities as well as emergency situation. Always keep a hardcopy of the official policies and procedures available for reference, update the book and the security guards as needed, and have security guards sign each iteration as a testament to their reading and understanding the instructions and rules set forth.

Regulate Supervision

When using any outside service, determine which party is expected to supervise security guards. A reputable contracting company will offer a fair amount of oversight. Don’t be afraid to ask how the company supervises guards or if remote supervision is a possibility. You may also want to drop in on security guards unexpectedly and plan regular meetings with the contracting company to facilitate open communication and provide feedback to enhance your services.

There may be some hiccups in your security guard contracting, as is with all employment engagements, but these tips can help you get the most from your services and overall experience.

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