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How to Discourage Trespassers from Entering Your Property

A few neighborhoods in San Jose are inviting for homeowners who want to install lifestyle comforts such as swimming pools, work sheds, playgrounds, vegetable gardens, cabins, and treehouses. The only problem with these extant structures is that they often attract the attention of trespassers and other curious individuals. This is a problem also experienced by local business owners and those who own land located near nature preserves.

Whether you are concerned about privacy, safety, or liability, you should discourage trespassing as much as possible. Instead of having to deal with trespassers, look for ways to deter them. Here are a few ideas, brought to you by the staff at ADS Guards, a leading provider of San Jose security guard services.

Post Effective Warning Signs

Many trespassers will not realize they have entered private property unless you let them know. If you want to help them find their way, post a sign reminding them of section 602.8 of the California Penal Code, which makes trespassing a punishable offense, particularly if the offenders happen to be neighbors who disregard the signs. You may want to check with a surveyor before posting signs. If you happen to post a warning on land that is not yours, you may face a legal complaint.

Install Motion Detectors That Trigger Lights

Trespassers who breach your property under the cover of darkness could be dangerous. In some communities, neighbors believe street lighting can be as effective as a police booth in terms of discouraging illegal activity. Installing a fixed floodlight that stays on all night is a good deterrent, but it could result in higher electricity bills. A motion sensor that triggers a floodlight will not consume as much energy and will also have an additional element of surprise.

Hire Professional Security Guards

Hiring San Jose security guards is one of the most effective methods to dissuade trespassers because it sends a clear message about the boundaries of private property. Guards can either be posted or assigned to security patrols. Their presence may discourage malicious trespassers and bring reassurance to individuals who may not have realized they breached your property.

Mark the Boundaries

Marking the boundaries of your property may keep out most accidental trespassers. You can either hire a fencing contractor or think about placing natural obstacles such as large rocks and blackberry bushes that grow very prickly. A long-term idea would be to train dogs so they become familiar with the terrain and boundaries, but they may have to start their training as puppies. Finally, you should also reach out to your neighbors and formulate ideas to keep strangers out.

If you need help securing your property and preventing trespassers from entering, reach out to ADS Guards. We are one of the top armed security guard companies in San Jose, and we also offer unarmed guards to protect your property. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our representatives.