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4 Safety Tips for Nighttime Joggers

Many people prefer Jogging at night for many reasons, including cooler air, less traffic, and less noise. However, nighttime jogging can also involve many dangers that can be avoided by taking some precautions. Following are 4 simple safety tips for nighttime joggers, brought to you by a leading provider of private security in San Jose.

1. Wear the Right Gear

Common sense dictates nighttime joggers should not wear dark clothing that makes them difficult to be seen. However, joggers can go beyond just wearing light-colored clothing to improve safety. Seek out clothing items and footwear with reflective strips or even glow-in-the-dark qualities. This can help drivers see you better in low-lit areas.

2. Run with a Friend

The “buddy system” can help joggers avoid run-ins with predators and thieves. Running with a partner is also beneficial in case you suffer an injury or otherwise require medical assistance. A friend can help motivate you in your jog and provide greater peace of mind.

3. Be Properly Equipped

Make sure you have items in your possession that may be needed if a safety issue arises. This includes having a working cell phone in case you need to contact law enforcement or need medical attention. You may also want to carry pepper spray, mace, or similar protective items to ward off potential predators.

4. Inform Your Friends and Family

Before you run, make sure to let a family member or friends know where you went, when you left, and how long you intend to jog. These individuals can look out for you in the event you do not return when expected and can alert security patrol in San Jose if necessary.

Though ADS Guards is concerned about safety of the members of our community, our primary focus is on providing security for commercial purposes. If you would like information about armed San Jose security guards, give us a call at 1-800-794-1550. We look forward to hearing from you.