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4 Ways to Protect Yourself When Surfing the Internet

Most people use the Internet every day. However, spending time online can be somewhat dangerous if you don’t know how to protect your identity and other personal information. San Jose security experts want to share 4 important steps you can take to practice safety on the Internet.

1. Install Antivirus Software

If you’re using a PC, antivirus software should be your first line of defense. A 2014 report revealed 32 percent of the world’s computers are infected with some sort of malware, and Windows PCs by far carry most of those numbers. Be careful about the type of software you choose. These days, free antivirus solutions are just as good if not better than the traditional pay software, which may slow down your machine. If you’re running a mobile OS, such as iOS or Android, there shouldn’t be a need for antivirus software if you’re only downloading applications from official app stores.

2. Upgrade Your Browser

Third-party browsers often offer security benefits over Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge browsers. For example, Google Chrome runs in a sandbox, which is a kind of virtual environment that exists somewhat separate from the operating system. A sandbox makes it much harder for malware to travel from the browser to the system itself. If you’re really concerned or have had problems in the past, some antivirus companies offer specialized browsers optimized for security.

3. Get a Phishing Filter

Phishing filters are designed to stop you from accessing potentially infected sites. If you try to navigate to a site on its blacklist, the phishing filter software prevents you from connecting to that page. Some antivirus programs have these filters built in.

4. Be Careful with Links in Your Email

Always check the “from” email address to make sure any email asking you to click a link is legitimate. If it looks real but you’re still not sure, don’t click the link. Instead, navigate to the site manually with your browser and log in there. Then you can see if there really is some sort of issue. Never send personal information by email, and don’t enter personal information in any forms that look suspicious.

For additional tips on how to surf the Internet safely, get in touch with ADS Guards. We are a leading provider of residential and commercial security, and we also offer event security services in San Jose. Call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with one of our representatives and receive a free quote.