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5 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Attending Summer Festivals

As the summer months approach, the postcard-like weather conditions give way to major festivals. Summer is the season when music festival organizers execute plans they have worked on all year to provide the best in live entertainment in San Jose. Private security is always a concern during these events, and even though organizers do their best to keep these events safe, the following precautions should be kept in mind.

1. Be Aware of Emergency Exits

Ever since the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas, music festival organizers have been publishing maps of the fairgrounds as well as the location of first aid stations and emergency exits. This information can often be found on the website of the festival and on the paper materials issued at the entrance. It is up to those in attendance to become familiar with evacuation routes.

2. Stick to Your Group

Festivals are more fun to enjoy among groups of friends, relatives, and associates, and they are safer as well. The key to promoting safety in numbers is to talk about what should be done in case of an emergency, and this conversation should include where to set rendezvous points, what to do in case of becoming separated, how to stay together, and how to react when confronted with certain situations.

3. Consider Worst-Case Scenarios

It’s crucial to think about worst-case scenarios and other possible situations before arriving at a festival. For example, events that feature massive beer tents and gardens are bound to attract a few individuals who become aggressive after drinking too much. Other festivals may feature bands that are followed by rowdy fans. Situational awareness boils down to acknowledging risks and threats that may occur. Furthermore, this awareness should extend to thinking about how to react in the face of danger.

4. Pack Only the Essentials

Not many festivals allow backpacks or purses these days, which means those in attendance should pay attention to the items they can carry. Bringing a fully charged mobile phone is a good idea. However, it should be kept on airplane mode or turned off to avoid draining the battery. Instead of carrying a wallet, it is better to keep emergency cash in a front pocket along with car keys and a list of emergency contacts written on paper and stored inside a plastic bag. Another good idea would be to bring a clip-on solar smartphone charger.

5. Know Where to Find Security Guards

Summer festivals may heighten the potential for security incidents. Find out where the professional San Jose security guards are located before the festival starts in case you end up needing their help.

If you need expertly trained security guards for a festival or another special event, get in touch with ADS Guards today. We have been protecting the Bay Area for nearly two decades. Call 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote.