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How to Keep Yourself Safe on a College Campus

College students go to school to learn and make new connections, but they also face a few potential dangers on campus. The staff at ADS Guards, a leading San Jose security guard company, offers a few tips on how you can stay safe this coming semester.

Utilize Basic Safety Tips

It may sound redundant, but the primary way college students can stay safe throughout the course of the semester is to commit to basic safety measures, which include locking your doors at night, closing your windows, using your blinds, and many other foundations of personal safety and security. Although often overlooked, performing these acts is a step in the right direction of ensuring safety at all times.

Consider Using Night Services Offered by Your Campus

In today’s world, it has nearly become a standard for college campuses to offer nighttime safety services to students free of charge. Whether it be via a university-affiliated driver or simply a campus employee to walk you home, an extra individual to accompany you during nighttime hours can be pivotal to staying safe. These services are frequently offered via a telephone number or cellphone application, and should be considered a necessity.

Always Have Your Phone Handy

There are hundreds of cases of attacks on students reported each year. If you ever do find yourself faced with a dangerous situation, having your phone handy and charged can make it easier to communicate with emergency personnel.

Make Sure Someone Knows Where You Are

It is never a good idea to go out at night without at least telling your roommate or a close friend where you are headed. Having someone else know your whereabouts is one of the top ways law enforcement can aid in a potential investigation. Students are also encouraged to attend any campus or off-campus events with at least one other individual.

For additional tips on how to stay safe at school, get in touch with ADS Guards. We have been a trusted provider of security guard services in San Jose for nearly 20 years, specializing in providing armed and unarmed guards for commercial and residential spaces and special corporate events. Give us a call at 1-800-794-1550 to learn more and receive a free quote.