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How to Enhance Security in an Office Building

The security risks modern office building managers face are more numerous and complex than ever. Until a few decades ago, sophisticated criminals used to focus mostly on the retail sector. However, they are increasingly turning their attention to corporate parks and office buildings because they hope to find more relaxed security measures, and this expectation is fulfilled in many cases. When it comes to security, office building managers should not solely trust their instincts. Here are a few observations to consider when thinking about increasing security in office building settings.

Configure Alarm Systems According to UL 2050 Certification

When the United States Department of Defense seeks civilian contractors, UL 2050 certifications are often required if the work is to be conducted at an office building. This certification sets standards for the installation of alarm systems, monitoring, response, and investigations. Even if the tenants are not actively bidding on Department of Defense contracts, it is a good idea to implement some of the UL 2050 standards, which can later be upgraded to full certification.

Post Uniformed Security Guards

The physical presence of security guards is a strong deterrent against sophisticated criminals whose modus operandi is focused on never getting caught. Armed guards who patrol the parking lots and garages of office buildings can deter vandals and prevent vehicle break-ins. Posting a uniformed San Jose security guard in the lobby provides reassurance not just to tenants and employees but also to visitors.

Control Door Locking Systems

Key card access systems for employees should be closely monitored. Whenever possible, only guards, trustworthy staff members, and company principals should be issued master keys or all-access cards. Door locking systems that offer biometrics functionality tend to be safer, particularly when they are equipped with sensors and connected to networks that provide access logs and usage reports.

Implement Adequate Endpoint Network Security

Office buildings that rent spaces cannot assume responsibility for the network security measures of their tenants. However, building managers should ensure their own networks are secured since they are often the most sensitive. The digital records of property management companies are highly coveted by hackers who can sell them to sophisticated robbery crews. Special attention should be paid to devices that connect to the Internet of Things, which include IP cameras, smart locks, alarm systems, thermostats, and printers.

Draft and Enforce Smart Security Policies

Security policies such as requiring ID badges for employees and checking personal bags and briefcases will only seem excessive when they are not thoughtfully drafted and implemented. These policies should not be forcefully introduced as if they were being implemented at army barracks. Calling a staff meeting and explaining the need for increased security is the right way to do it. One idea in this regard is to look for news reports of security incidents in the region.

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