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5 Tips for Protecting Yourself During an Active Shooter Scenario

The need to prepare for active shooter situations is an unfortunate reminder of the uncertain times we live in, and it is also one of many important duties of a security guard in San Jose. In Orlando, residents feared that a terrorist attack was being perpetrated in the early morning of June 5th, 2017, one year after the massacre that left dozens dead at a popular nightclub. The incident turned out to be a disgruntled employee who shot former coworkers before turning the gun on himself. At a time when the Department of Homeland Security is engaged in providing preparedness training for active shooter situations, business and nonprofit organizations should keep the following safety tips in mind.

1. Stay Aware

Dwelling on the possible causes and likelihood of active shooter situations is not conducive to an overall safety plan. It is more important to have awareness of what the situation entails. The patterns of active shooters are unpredictable. The only constants are the use of firearms and the preference to kill several individuals in a confined area. Environmental awareness is paramount in a business organization. Staff members should be able to quickly identify exits and building features that can conceal their presence and serve as barriers against incoming fire.

2. Rely on Trained Security Personnel

In May 2017, a man stormed into a convenience store in North Las Vegas and started shooting randomly. An armed security guard reacted by taking cover and neutralizing the suspect before any customers or employees were hit. Also in May, a marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles was invaded by an armed suspect who pointed a weapon at an employee and threatened to fire before he was neutralized by a security guard. In these two cases, the active shooter situation was quickly defused by trained personnel and no one aside from the perpetrators was injured. This is why it’s crucial for businesses to hire armed guard private protection in San Jose.

3. Set Off Silent Alarms

Active shooter incidents are among the few emergency situations when 911 should not be the first step taken. Making a visible gesture of calling law enforcement could drive the shooter to become even more aggressive. To this effect, it is better to surreptitiously activate silent alarms with hidden buttons or by means of smartphones. The idea is to evacuate and seek cover before alerting law enforcement.

4. Hide and Avoid the Line of Fire

Distance should not be a consideration when choosing a hiding place. It is more important to consider whether the shooter can see you and if you are in the line of fire. If you happen to be out in the open, keep running rapidly and in random directions. If you find a room with a door, try to crawl in and lock the door before blocking it with furniture.

5. Wait for Law Enforcement

If you hear police officers arrive, keep in mind the shooter may fire at them, thereby prompting a barrage of gunfire. Should this happen, stay as close to the floor as possible and wait for instructions. Do not make sudden movements, and keep your hands visible.

An active shooter scenario can occur almost anywhere, including a heavily populated area where a corporate event is being held. If you’re running a special event, make sure you hire armed event security in San Jose for extra protection. At ADS Guards, we provide highly trained guards for events as well as residential and commercial spaces. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 to learn more.