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5 Strategies for Preventing Shoplifting

Bay Area shoplifters are already busy making their unpleasant presence known in 2018. In January, a Lucky store clerk confronted a shoplifter in Oakland while thieves in El Cerrito were caught trying to steal electric toothbrushes and shavers from a CVS drugstore. In San Francisco, an alert employee at the Safeway supermarket in the Fairmont Shopping Center noticed a man surreptitiously walking out with groceries without paying. When police officers arrived to confront the suspect in the parking lot, they found a van filled with meat, diaper, dairy products, and other items known to sell very quickly in the growing black market of groceries stolen from Northern California stores.

It should be noted that these cases were reported by news media outlets because they ended up in police investigations and arrests. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, the estimated number of shoplifters operating annually in the United States is greater than 25 million, and less than 10 percent are detected in a year. Although 70 percent of shoplifters confess to stealing impulsively, more than a quarter are professionals who pride themselves on never being caught. Here are five methods business owners can practice to prevent shoplifting, brought to you by ADS Guards, a leading provider of security services in San Jose, CA.

1. Retain the Services of Security Guards

Since sophisticated shoplifters tend to generate the most damaging amount of shrinkage and revenue loss, hiring security officers in San Jose is highly recommended because it lets these seasoned criminals know their careers could be interrupted by the actions of professionals. Shoplifting crews are known to be risk-averse, which means they will generally skip establishments where security guards are posted.

2. Look Out for Distractions

Shoplifters are professionals when it comes to distractions. An overly clumsy thief who grabs an item and runs or a shopper who takes a nasty fall on a dry floor could be providing cover for other shoplifters to ply their wicked trade.

3. Utilize Smart Shift Management

Instead of expecting store clerks and cashiers to start working at the exact time they arrive at the store, give them between 20 and 30 minutes to get briefed and settled in their positions. The idea is to perform a visible shift change that lets shoplifters know incoming clerks are relaxed and ready to pay attention.

4. Train Employees on Loss Prevention

The security agency that provides guards can also conduct training sessions with employees to let them know what to look for during their shifts. Some of the lessons employees may learn include keeping an eye on shoppers who are carrying more than one purse or may be wearing layered clothing in the middle of a humid Bay Area summer.

5. Manage Inventory

Modern point-of-sale solutions that include automated inventory management are provided free of charge by credit card payments processors as a value-added service to their clients. The old pencil-and-paper methods of inventory management often result in misreporting shrinkage and providing a false estimation of loss.

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