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How to Keep Your Personal Information Safe from Internet Hackers

Keeping personal information safe online is everyone’s main priority. By following a few steps, you can greatly reduce the chances of having your information and identity stolen.Security guards in San Jose suggest these tips to keep you protected from Internet hackers.

Use a Secure Browser

Most websites that require you to include personal information will use a secure browser. However, always check the web address to ensure it has a lock icon and says “https” before the address, with the “s” standing for“secure and encrypted.” If you have any doubts about the security of a website, don’t purchase from them.

Don’t Use Your Debit or Credit Card to Purchase Online

A prepaid credit card allows you to load the amount of money you need for a purchase onto the card and then make your purchase safely. This ensures that if someone does happen to hack into the site or your computer they will only receive the prepaid credit card info, not your credit or debit card information.

Create Long and Unidentifiable Passwords

Avoid using the same password for every account and using words found in the dictionary. One way to do this is to think of a phrase with personal meaning to you and then use the first letter of each word to make the password. You can also use numbers in the place of letters. For example, using the number “2” in place of the word “to.” The password will then look like a random draw of letters and numbers and will be much more difficult for hackers to crack.

Don’t Store Passwords on Your Computer

In the event your computer gets hacked and you have all the passwords to your favorite sites saved on your computer, the hacker will have access to everything, including any credit or debit card numbers you may have used to purchase on the site. If you have trouble remembering all of your passwords, the best thing to do is write them down on a piece of paper and secure it in small safe or locked filing cabinet.

Much like you shouldn’t leave yourself vulnerable to Internet hackers, you may also have a residential or commercial property that could benefit from professional protection. For information on residential or commercial security, contact the security experts at ADS Guards today at 1-800-794-1550. We hope to hear from you soon.