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Top Ways to Increase Security in a Neighborhood

Even neighborhoods that seem safe on the surface can still be at risk for crime, but this risk can be reduced. Neighborhood security has to be a team effort, and there are a few things you can do to promote safety and inspire others in your community.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Familiarizing yourself with the people who live around you is one of the most valuable resources you can have. You are much more likely to spot suspicious or unwanted behavior if you know where the elderly couples and small children live. Also, try to have a general idea of your neighbors’ work schedules and when they plan to be out of town.

Make the Neighborhood Beautiful

When the whole neighborhood cooperates in increasing the area’s curb appeal, the risk of crime can be reduced. The physical look of the homes in a neighborhood can play a significant role in a criminal’s assessment. A study by the National Institute of Justice found vandalism, trash, untended landscaping, and abandoned vehicles led to perceptions that neighborhoods were at a low risk for having residential security and police protection.

Start a Neighborhood Watch Group

Putting together a neighborhood watch group that looks for and reports suspicious activity is always a productive option. These groups are even eligible for training from local law enforcement. The training can teach volunteers how to use surveillance equipment properly, spot risks, and report suspicious people in the neighborhood.

Utilize Technology

You can use SpotCrime crime maps to review detailed histories of crimes around your neighborhood. The information can help determine which sectors of the neighborhood could be at the highest risk of future crimes and why they need focused surveillance.

Hire Professional Security Patrol

The benefits of having professional security in your neighborhood cannot be measured. Trained guards can look for signs of risk and vulnerability, and they can offer advice about security measures you can take for your home and the neighborhood at large. Best of all, potential intruders will see the San Jose security patrol in your neighborhood, which can help deter criminal activity.

To learn more about ways to increase security in your neighborhood, get in touch with ADS Guards, a security company San Jose residents trust. In addition to residential security patrol, we also offer security services for commercial properties and corporate events. Give us a call at 1-800-794-1550 and one of our knowledgeable representatives can provide a free quote.