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What to Do During a Home Invasion

A home invasion is one of the most genuinely frightening experiences the average person can sustain. What you do as soon as you are aware of an intruder and the steps you take thereafter can impact the outcome and severity of the situation. Follow these basic tips to ensure no harm befalls you or your family, provided by the San Jose security guard professionals at ADS Guards.

Don’t Fight Back Unless Necessary

If an otherwise intact window shatters or a locked door bursts open, don’t freeze and wait for the intruders to show themselves. They might be armed and extremely dangerous. Don’t engage or try to fight them, as home invaders tend to be seasoned violent types. It is best to find a safe place to hide.

Head to a Panic Room

Hopefully you have a designated safe room in your home. Even a closet with a sturdy door that locks from the inside will do. Get your family in there quickly and quietly. Don’t go outside. Assume the intruder has a lookout or a back up person waiting.

Send Out a Distress Signal

If you can, punch the distress code on your alarm system’s console, which goes right to law enforcement. A patrol car should soon be on the way. If you can’t get to your alarm or you lack a cell phone to call 911 or answer the security firm’s incoming call, hide and wait. Loss of valuables is preferable to loss of life.

Remain Calm

If the invaders penetrate the safe room and you’re unarmed, keep calm and speak smoothly. While some home invasions can be ongoing, typically the invaders are burglars who are just after money and valuables. Only offer what you have, insist your family be spared, and never agree to be transported to an ATM. Bide your time. If you play your cards right, the police will be there soon enough.

Though you may not be able to prevent a home invasion, hopefully these tips will keep you and your family safe in the event one occurs. If you are looking for trained security guards in the San Jose area, get in touch with ADS Guards at 1-800-794-1550 and get a quote from one of our representatives.