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How to Monitor the Performance of Your Security Guards

All business owners and event organizers who retain security services firms want the assigned guards to perform their duties as expected. The overall safety of an establishment depends on the ability of guards to be at their posts, observant, alert, and ready to take action. For the most part, security services firms will offer some guarantees to this effect, but if you want to get some personal assurance, there are a few things you can do.

Request Reports from the Security Services Provider

To monitor the effectiveness of security guard services, San Jose business owners can request reports from the security agency. Asking for reports is perhaps the most effective measure because security agency supervisors may already be tracking their employees. If the assessment conducted by the security services firm determines your business or event presents certain risks, the guards posted at your establishment will likely be required to check in and provide frequent reports, particularly if there’s a video surveillance system in place. Security agencies may also be able to provide you with detailed performance metrics for the assigned guards.

Ask for Field Visits from Supervisors

If you suspect the guards at your site aren’t doing their jobs for any reason, you should bring up your concerns to the agency. In most cases, such concerns will result in supervisors visiting the establishment, often without guards being notified. Field visits and inspections tend to be very effective, not only because they keep security guards on their toes but also because supervisors can detect other issues you may not be aware of. When suspicions remain even after field visits, supervisors may implement remote tracking, corrective action, or reassignment.

Engage Your Guards and Ask Questions

Taking time to introduce yourself and get to know your guards can go a long way toward prompting them to do their jobs. You can always drop in unannounced, but doing so in a surprising manner is never recommended. Instead, you should use a social approach that lets guards know you want to get to know them. Security personnel tend to work better when they know more about the life and property they’re assigned to protect. You don’t have to share personal information. Instead, ask the guards professional questions, such as if they’ve observed anything suspicious, what they look for when they make rounds, and their assessment of overall security. Speaking to your guards on a daily basis, even if you only exchange greetings, can have a motivating effect.

Take Time to Evaluate Security Guard Reports

Few business owners and managers take time to read the reports written by their security guards. Reviewing a patrol or shift report with a critical eye can reveal a few aspects of your guards’ work ethic. If possible, read a report written on a day when an incident occurred and compare it to an average day’s report. Look for routine patrols that were marked uneventful despite your knowledge of certain unusual activity at the time.

Because you entrust the safety of your employees and property to security guards, it’s a good idea to know how well they’re performing. The recommendations listed above can ensure you’re being protected with professionalism and expertise. When they want to hire guards from one of California’s best security guard companies, San Jose businesses contact the experts at ADS Guards. Our experienced staff can serve all your security requirements. Call us today at 1-800-794-1550.