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4 Ways to Prevent Scams When Shopping Online

Purchasing items online is convenient for many people, but it also poses a few risks buyers are less likely to encounter when shopping in a brick and mortar store. One of these risks is the prominence of scammers who can easily steal your money and personal information if you’re not careful. San Jose security professionals suggest 4 ways you can avoid scams when shopping online.

1. Only Use Trusted Websites

It’s always a good idea to know the website you’re using for your shopping purposes is a trusted site that uses a secure payment system. Legitimate websites have their contact information listed and the appropriate security features installed, and they’ll also let you know how to find out more about them if you’re still wary.

2. Stay Away from Overseas Websites

Not all sites located overseas are bad, but many scam artists operate far away from the United States and Canada. If the site has poor grammar and asks for information you’re not comfortable giving out, it’s best to stay away. If you must use an overseas site, go online to check for reviews or other pertinent information before making a purchase.

3. Never Wire Money

Many online shoppers become victims of money wiring scams. Unknown individuals claiming to be from a trusted company may contact you via email. The criminals then insist you wire money to them and claim it’s completely safe to do so. However, they’ll avoid answering any questions that may tip you off they are not who they say they are.

4. Avoid Trial Offers

Slick con artists might try to convince you to sign up for a free trial of a product or service with a small shipping and handling price. Although you might actually receive the product, down the road you might also be charged with a large fee that was stated in the small print. These scammers know many people never read the terms, and those who do typically only scan for numerals. When reading the terms on a trial offer, always read the small print, as mundane as it is, to prevent hefty charges several weeks later.

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