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How Do Professional Guards Help Prevent Losses at a Business?

Security guards are important in preventing losses at a number of businesses, and they accomplish this task in a number of ways. By providing an authoritative presence and performing a variety of employer-specified duties, professional guards can keep both property and people safe.

Deter Theft

In retail businesses, visibility is key to preventing losses. The presence of uniformed security officers in San Jose can act as an effective deterrent because it makes both employees and shoppers think twice before stealing. Stationing a uniformed guard at an exit can be important as well. Security guards are the perfect people to check receipts and make shoplifters think twice.

Watch for Suspicious Behavior

With training and background in loss prevention, security guards know what types of criminal behaviors to look for. People who linger too long, avoid others, or seem excessively nervous are examples of potential shoplifters. Additionally, security guards are proficient in observing and interpreting security camera footage.

Apprehend Thieves

In addition to being trained to notice details about people and provide good descriptions, armed security guards know the correct techniques for apprehending suspected thieves. It is important for someone with specialized training to apprehend a thief. If this action is performed incorrectly, your business could be facing an expensive lawsuit.

De-Escalate Emergency Situations

In the event of a serious emergency with potential for heavy losses, uniformed security guards are indispensable. For instance, in a situation like an armed robbery, a security guard has the training to de-escalate the incident. If material losses cannot be prevented, security guards have learned techniques to observe and provide a good, clear witness statement to the authorities. A business with uniformed security is less likely to be robbed than an understaffed business.

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