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How to Determine the Number of Security Guards Your Company Needs

The security needs of a business enterprise are determined by the security plan. New companies rarely draft a security plan, but they have two choices in this regard: appoint a Chief Security Officer to handle planning or retain the services of a security company in San Jose to conduct an assessment. One of the considerations of security planning focuses on the number of guards to assign, which can be determined based on the following criteria.

Critical Security Coverage

As previously mentioned, each company should designate a director of security, and this doesn’t have to be an individual who is dedicated exclusively to this function. It can be an executive or senior manager who acts as a liaison with the security services provider. Critical coverage begins with designating an internal director of security and continues with figuring out minimum assignments. For a small retail store staffed by less than six workers during operating hours, critical coverage would be one San Jose security guard on the premises per shift, but adequate coverage will be determined by other factors.

Staff-to-Customer Ratios

Similar to the way public safety departments calculate the ratio of police officers per population, business owners should sit down with CSOs or providers of security services to figure out how many guards they need. The three aspects to evaluate are:

  • Personnel allocation based on staffing and customers
  • Space analysis
  • Shift activity

Calculating staff-to-customer ratios is not a purely mathematical endeavor. It’s tied to space analysis and the various events that unfold during shifts as well as existing resources.

Security and Readiness Levels

The desired level of safety in accordance to potential risks will also determine how many guards are assigned. A full level of security services may include video monitoring, foot patrols, guards posted at entry and exit points, a reaction force, and trained personnel who project a certain corporate image. A responsive or reactive level of security services may be limited to providing one guard per shift for up to 100 staff members or customers, but this may prove to be inadequate for companies that are trying to reduce their exposure to liability.

Potential Activity Level

A more important factor than space analysis and personnel allocation is the expected number of safety situations a company may face. For example, a law firm engaged in lobbying of controversial policy issues is bound to experience more potential security situations than a firm dedicated to commercial real estate transactions. A nightclub venue that features live music performances, regardless of musical genre, could have quite a few potential issues to worry about. Potential activity levels can also be estimated by looking at crime statistics in nearby districts. Some parts of Northern California will present higher activity levels than others.

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