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5 Ways Professional Guards Can Stop Crime in Your Neighborhood

Even a seemingly safe neighborhood can be susceptible to crime. However, hiring a security guard to patrol the community can help keep the area free of crime in a variety of ways.

1. Being Present

The very fact private security officers routinely patrol a neighborhood has been shown to decrease crime. Government cutbacks have reduced the number of police officers on the street, and many security agencies have eliminated residential area patrols. Criminals are more likely to move on if they know someone is watching. Private security officers become very familiar with the patterns of a neighborhood, which helps them determine if someone or something is out of the ordinary.

2. Deterring Vandalism

Vandalism ranging from graffiti to outright destruction of property can be devastating for a neighborhood. Much of this type of damage takes place at night, but patrol security in San Jose can discourage such behavior. Security guards act as a deterrent to malicious behavior and can also alert police to the underage drinking or drug use often related to vandalism. Guards may notice activity in unoccupied homes and can inform property owners about possible squatters.

3. Providing Quick Response to Crimes

In many cases, residential security guards are likely to be able to respond to incidents in a neighborhood more quickly than law enforcement. San Jose private security officers can help secure a situation and gather information for when the police arrive.

4. Checking Burglar Alarms

Because many burglar alarms are false alarms and police staffing is scarce, many incidents receive no response. A private security officer can rule out a burglary or take appropriate action if a crime is in progress.

5. Watching for Terrorist Activity

Since 2005, the U.S. Department of Justice has promoted the concept of law enforcement agencies engaging with the private sector to advance homeland security. Though terrorism in a residential neighborhood is rare, professional guards with trained eyes and ears are likely to notice unusual behavior or activity that should be reported immediately.

To learn more about how professional guards can make your neighborhood a safer place to live, get in touch with ADS Guards. We offer residential and commercial security services as well as private bodyguard services San Jose residents sometimes require. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 for a complimentary quote.