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Simple Tactics Security Guards Can Use to Prevent Repeat Loitering

Though loitering may seem like a harmless crime on the surface, it can sometimes be detrimental to a business. Some customers might not want to frequent an establishment if people they perceive as undesirable are hanging around the area. However, businesses can put a stop to loitering by hiring professional security guards. Here are a few ways guards can make a difference.

Use Negative Body Language

If security guards aren’t allowed to express verbal dissatisfaction with loiterers, they can use body language to get the message across. Crossing the arms and squaring the shoulders conveys displeasure without words. Guards can also hover behind the loiterers to make them feel uncomfortable and more willing to leave.

Clean Up the Area

When San Jose commercial security guards have the authority to call on other employees for assistance, they shouldn’t be afraid to use them to their advantage. For example, they can ask a cleaning crew to tidy up the areas where loiterers are congregating. The loiterers likely won’t want to stick around with vacuums disturbing them and the smell of floor wax right under their noses, and these feelings of discomfort and inconvenience may prompt them to find another place to loiter.

Identify the Loiterers

Identifying loiterers is especially useful if they’re in a group because loiterers often take comfort in their numbers and anonymity. However, when a security officer in San Jose singles out a loiterer by name, clothes, and habits, the loiterer is more likely to lose some of that cockiness from being thrust into the spotlight.

Offer Alternatives

Some loiterers aren’t trying to be a problem. They just don’t have anywhere else to go or anything else to do. Security guards can change this by giving them ideas, suggestions, and tips for other activities besides hanging around a company’s property. For example, guards can mention the local museum is having a half-off day or casually comment on the volleyball game being held in the park across the street.

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