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5 Stress Management Tips for Professional Security Guards

Being on constant alert can be stressful, and so is being responsible for the safety of others. Professional security guards in San Jose, CA, can use these 5 strategies to keep stress at bay so they are always in top condition for duty.

1. Recognize the Signs of Stress

Just like scanning the property or crowd for signs of disorder, it is also important to perform self-checks. Guards should ask themselves if they have been short-tempered lately or if they have stopped listening to others with an open mind. Mood changes are a common sign of stress that signifies the need to find time to relax.

2. Regulate Sleep Habits

Late night and rotating shifts can wreak havoc on sleep patterns. However, being well rested does more than keep a guard alert for signs of trouble. Getting adequate sleep promotes a positive mindset, which means off-duty guards should turn off the electronics, shut the curtains, and do whatever it takes to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each day, even if it is when the sun is out.

3. Work It Off

Daily workouts can keep security guards in shape for duty. However, regular exercise also releases endorphins that benefit the mind. Whether guards hit the weights hard or go for a run, staying on track with a fitness regimen can provide instant and natural stress relief.

4. Ask for a New Assignment

Sometimes, a specific position or location may be causing stress. In this case, guards should let their supervisors know they are open to a transfer. Though they may have to wait until something else is available, knowing something new is potentially on the horizon offers a fresh perspective regarding where they are now.

5. Face Past Trauma

If you’re the person people go to for help, it can be hard to ask for help yourself, but it’s normal to feel the effects of stress after a traumatic event. San Jose armed private security guards should talk to their supervisors or other trained professionals if they are experiencing signs of post-traumatic stress after an incident. Signs may include reliving the event or feeling anxious at the thought of reporting for a shift.

ADS Guards, a trusted provider of residential, commercial, and event security in San Jose, believes stress management is one of the keys to being a successful security guard. Call 1-800-794-1550 to learn more about our high-quality security services and receive a free quote.