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5 Things Security Guards Can Do in the Event of an Emergency

A well-trained San Jose security guard can quickly become a key player in an emergency. Whether a minor emergency like a cut finger or a major one such as a shooting, security guards are often the first to respond to the scene and are trained to take appropriate action. A professional security guard can easily be the difference between life and death in a critical situation. Here are five things a security guard can be expected to do when an emergency occurs.

1. Increase Safety 

Medical emergencies can happen at any time. Security personnel are trained to perform first aid and CPR and properly use defibrillators until trained medical professionals arrive. Trained security guards are also willing and able to assess and respond to dangerous situations such as industrial accidents, suspect apprehension, and environmental emergencies. Simply providing directions to the public reduces stress and lowers the chances of an accident.

2. Confront a Violent Criminal 

The prevention of robberies, school shootings, and other violent crimes are in an armed security guard’s job description. Though prevention of violent occurrences may not always be possible, a security guard is uniquely qualified as a first responder by acting in a professional and reasonable manner. If a violent response to a criminal’s actions are called for, the security guard has the training and resources to do what needs to be done.

3. Keep Things Organized

Most people panic during an emergency. A trained guard from a security company in San Jose can be the voice of reason when a calm head is needed. Police and medical personnel may be on the way but have no idea of where to go when they arrive, and the security guard can point them in the right direction. Organizational skills are also needed during an emergency when the security guard is called upon to assess a fluid situation.

4. Act as an Expert Witness 

Security guards are often firsthand witnesses to events and are called upon to provide accurate information and details to law enforcement or in courtroom testimony. Depending on the type of emergency, criminal prosecution may rest primarily on the information the security guard obtains during the emergency. In medical emergencies, the security guard’s observations may facilitate treatment and assist in the proper diagnosis being made when minutes count.

5. Secure the Scene 

Effective control of the scene of an emergency can take many forms. Crowd control during an ongoing crisis is huge because it prevents injuries and crippling interference with first responders. If the emergency is a fire, essential fire control skills can be implemented to reduce the risk of burns and smoke inhalation while preventing the fire from spreading. The trained security guard may be the only person in the building doing what should be done and not making matters worse.

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