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How Can Security Guards Effectively Combat Terrorism?

Government buildings, airports, and other high-risk areas have extensive security systems to prevent terrorist attacks. However, even less obvious places like restaurants and office buildings can become targets of terrorism, as shown by recent attacks in Paris. San Jose private security guards can play a valuable role in identifying and neutralizing terrorist threats in spots such as these.


Security guards are trained to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior. Terrorists often study their targeted locations by taking notes, photographing buildings, and attempting to get information from employees. A good private security guard will notice these activities and alert authorities to the potential threat.


Terrorist plots sometimes rely on attempting to distract or trick security personnel to gain access to areas that should remain off-limits. A security officer in San Jose can prevent this kind of attack by assiduously checking employee identification and questioning people who seem like they are up to no good. Though an ID card reader can be helpful, a security guard is more reliable for checking employee identification and turning away people with no legitimate reason to be in the building.


We live in a time with a heightened terror risk, and government forces like the police and the Department of Homeland Security have limited resources and lack the manpower to effectively protect all potential targets of terrorism. Private security guards can provide a valuable supplement to official anti-terrorist forces by being present in the places government forces aren’t able to protect with any regularity.


When security guards notice someone they deem likely to commit an act of terrorism, they can avert the threat in several ways. If the attack does not appear to be imminent, they can alert government authorities. If a guard sees an attack in progress, he or she may be able to subdue an assailant by using a Taser or other method.

Though terrorist attacks are not likely to happen on a regular basis, there are many common dangerous situations a security guard can help prevent. ADS Guards is a leading provider of security guard services in San Jose, offering both armed and unarmed guards to help keep your residential or commercial space safe. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 to learn more and receive a free quote.