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Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation

Vacation season is right around the corner and millions of people will pack their bags and head out for a week or two. But no matter how excited you are to get to your destination, knowing that your home is safe while you’re gone will give you peace of mind. Here are helpful tips to keep your home safe while you are away on vacation from leading San Jose security guard company, ADS Guards.

1. Get a House or Pet-Sitter

Before embarking on your journey, find someone you trust to live in your house while you are away. This person can help you to take care of your pets, water your flower garden, and make your home look as if people live in it. Even if you don’t have anything that needs taking care of, ask someone to stop by once a day to check on things. Taking this action will deter burglars from invading your home if they know you are away.

2. Make Your Home Look Lived In

Do not let your home look deserted. Timers are a good way to avoid this. Set your lights to go on or off at certain times. You may also put your TV and radio on the timer because a quiet house is a sign of your absence. Also maintain normal behaviors. For example, if you always keep your blinds and curtains open, don’t close them when you leave. If you don’t normally have a porch light on, don’t start now.

3. Inform Trusted Neighbors and Neighborhood Security

If you trust a neighbor or two, let them know you’ll be gone. They can keep an eye on the property while you’re away and will have a good sense of what constitutes abnormal activity. You can also reach out to your residential security guard if you have one and ask them to check on your home during their normal patrol.

4. Stop Your Mail

It is a good idea to stop your mail and newspaper deliveries. If this is not possible, have your neighbor pick up your mail for you. A pile of papers at your doorstep will signal to strangers that you are not at home.

5. Lock your Doors and Windows

Locking your doors seems obvious but it is not. Twenty-eight percent of burglary cases occur without the perpetrators using force to gain entry. They often gain entry through unlocked doors and windows. Therefore, before you leave for the vacation, double-check the locks on the doors and windows.

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