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How to Keep Your Property Safe During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of joy and being with family members, but it’s also a prime time for thieves to take advantage of you. Here are some tips to help keep your property safe during the holidays, brought to you by the San Jose bodyguards and security experts at ADS Guards.

Don’t Let Packages Pile Up

If you order a lot of your Christmas gifts online, be sure to know when they will be delivered and make arrangements to have them picked up. Packages sitting on doorsteps for hours or days at a time are a prime target for thieves. Ask a neighbor or relative to get the packages if you can’t be home.

Keep Blinds and Drapes Closed

A tree surrounded by gifts is a beautiful sight for you and your family, but it’s also enticing to thieves. Any burglars casing your neighborhood are likely to target homes where the valuables are in full view. Try to keep your windows and blinds mostly closed during the holiday season.

Don’t Broadcast What You Are Doing

While social media sites are a great way to let your friends know what you are up to, they can also inform criminals about your comings and goings. Wait until a holiday gathering is over to post pictures and don’t ever advertise you are out of your home or at the mall shopping with a car full of gifts.

Be Careful in Parking Lots

Many thieves target people in parking lots to steal the items they have bought and sometimes their vehicles as well. Try not to go to your car by yourself, especially after dark. Walk with other shoppers if you can or ask a clerk from the store to accompany you. Thieves are less likely to target people who are in pairs or groups.

If you’re looking for solutions to keep your family and property safe, you’ll want a trusted security guard company with over two decades of experience on your side. For more information on armed and unarmed security guards San Jose businesses and residents trust, give ADS Guards a call at 1-800-794-1550. We hope to hear from you soon.