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3 Things to Ask About When Hiring a Security Guard Company

When considering a potential San Jose, CA security guard company, it’s important to get a good sense of the business’s integrity and industry knowledge. You will certainly want to ask questions about the company’s history and the types of clients it serves as a measure of their experience and whether they’re familiar with providing security for businesses or properties similar to yours. There are also 3 important things you will want to ask about that will tell you just about everything you need to know.

1. Guard Training and Background Checks

A trustworthy security company takes care in vetting, preparing, and training security guards before sending them on their first job. Ask what type of training the guards receive and how long they train before being put on assignment. Also check what kind of screening services the company uses, such as criminal background checks, verifying previous employment, and contacting references. You can also inquire about any education or certification requirements. Security is only as strong and reliable as the people providing it. Guards have access to your business and property, so it’s crucial to seek out a company that performs a full screening and provides comprehensive training.

2. Equipment and Technology

The security guard company should keep current with technological advances in the security field and provide guards who are knowledgeable about the equipment you use, including surveillance, communication and alarm systems. Ask about the equipment each security guard carries on his or her person during a shift and the procedures for using said equipment in the event of an invasion, robbery, or vandal. A reliable security guard company will welcome the opportunity to discuss specifics.

3. Cost and Contract

To get the best value for your dollar, examine all the details of the contract and check what services are covered by the initial fee and if there are any additional fees. Ask about the company’s cancellation and refund policy to assess whether you can terminate the service without penalty if you aren’t satisfied.

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