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How Can Hiring a Professional Guard Save Your Business Money?

In March 2018, officers from the San Jose Police Department apprehended a man who was the prime suspect in a string of robberies around the Bay Area. The modus operandi of the suspect consisted of targeting convenience stores that were not protected by security guards. He would wait until late at night to enter the premises and hold the clerk at gunpoint. In all instances, the suspect demanded cash from the register, and detectives estimate he may have stolen thousands of dollars in this fashion.

This example certainly underscores the need for hiring security guards since the safety of the convenience store clerks was compromised. Overall safety is certainly the primary reason for hiring security guards. However, there are also financial advantages to consider. The following situations illustrate how you can potentially save money by hiring San Jose security guards to protect your business.

Lower Liability Policy Premiums

Many insurance companies will charge a lower premium on liability policies after you hire security guards, particularly if you operate in the brick-and-mortar retail sector. The savings on commercial liability premiums can be significant, particularly if the insurance company considers that your business is located in an area where robberies and other incidents have been averted thanks to the presence and actions of security guards. Keep in mind this consideration will not apply in all situations. For example, insurers that provide coverage to condominium associations prefer unarmed security guards who are trained in basic life support.

Reduce Shrinkage

As a retail business owner, you are probably familiar with the concept of shrinkage. One of the best ways to keep shrinkage low and under control is by hiring security guards since they effectively reduce the incidence of shoplifting and employee theft. In all business situations, reducing loss translates into savings.

Deter False Plaintiffs

Serial lawsuit filers know business owners are expected to carry commercial liability insurance to operate their establishments, and they will try to exploit your coverage by staging accidents in your office, shop, or store. If the policy you carry has a high deductible, a staged slip-and-fall accident could create a considerable cash shortage for your business. For this reason, you would save money by hiring a San Jose security guard since false plaintiffs are less likely to take a fall in your establishment.

Prevent Vandalism

A good reason for retaining security personnel is to watch over the physical integrity of your property. If you file a claim each time graffiti is sprayed or glass is broken by vandals, your premiums and deductibles are bound to increase. Once you add the cost of repairs, vandalism and other types of incidental damage can get very expensive. With a security professional guarding your premises, vandals are more likely to stay away. Moreover, your employees and customers are bound to be more careful about causing accidental damage.

If you need armed or unarmed guards for your business, make sure to hire a reliable security company. San Jose businesses trust ADS Guards for good reason. We have been protecting the Bay Area for nearly two decades. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our friendly representatives.