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Why Hire Security for Your Company Holiday Party

When you think about planning a company holiday party, you probably think about things like hiring a caterer, providing enough drinks for everyone, and if you need a deejay. Perhaps hiring San Jose security guards didn’t even cross your mind, but it should have. These are just some of the many reasons to hire private security guards for your company holiday party.

Monitor Intoxicated Guests

Let’s face it, there’s a good chance people will be drinking quite a bit at the company holiday party. Some people (not your employees, of course) can get a bit out of control after having one too many drinks. Having security on the premise will act as a visual reminder for people to act maturely and respectfully of others. If an intoxicated guest gets out of line, security is available to escort them out of the building and handle the situation before it escalates.

Keep People Who Aren’t Permitted In, Out

The bigger the party, the harder it is to keep an eye on the guest list, and it’s inevitable that a large holiday party will have a few unwanted party crashers. Security can work the door, including checking a hard copy guest list if necessary, while unarmed or armed security guards can patrol the premise, including any side entrances party crashers might try to sneak in through.

Promote Guest Safety

A security presence at the party will indicate to guests their safety is a top priority, and hopefully will act as a deterrent for someone considering behaving badly. Since most holiday parties extend well into the evening hours, security guards can also ensure your guests stay safe as they leave. Security can help flag down taxis for intoxicated partygoers or walk guests to their cars when the party comes to a close.

Hiring security guards is a smart decision for your company holiday party. Your guests will feel safe, and you will have enough peace of mind to actually enjoy the party. To learn more about our corporate security services, reach out to ADS Guards today at 1-800-794-1550.  We are a trusted provider of comprehensive security services in the San Jose area, including special event, corporate, commercial, and residential security.