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5 Tips to Help Your Kids Stay Safe This Halloween

Even though witches, ghosts, and devils are the symbols of Halloween, the holiday doesn’t need to be a dangerous event. You want your kids to enjoy Halloween, but even more importantly you also want them to remain safe. The San Jose security guards at ADS Guards recommend using these tips 5 to ensure the holiday remains equally fun and safe for your children.

1. Lose the Masks

Masks restrict a child’s field of vision, which can be dangerous when out trick-or-treating. With limited vision, crossing streets and being aware of surroundings becomes more difficult. If your child’s costume does call for some type of facial covering, use face paint instead.

2. Choose Brightly Colored Costumes

Costumes that come in bright colors can increase your child’s visibility. Just as children need to see what’s going on around them, drivers need to be able to see the kids as they cross the street. A child dressed in a bright white ghost costume or as a fluorescent green goblin will show up in the headlights much easier than a kid dressed in a black witch’s outfit.

3. Send Them in Groups

Your kids should go trick-or-treating in a group rather than alone. Even then, an adult ideally needs to tag along. It’s easy enough for a father, mother, or other adult chaperone to remain a discreet distance and still be able to see everything the kids are doing.

4. Make Sure Someone in the Group Has a Mobile Phone

Someone in the group, most likely the adult chaperone, needs to have a mobile phone to use in case of an emergency. If anyone starts to harass the children or someone gets ill after eating a piece of candy, one call is all it takes to get help.

5. Check the Goodies

Before any of the kids consume their loot, inspect everything carefully. Make sure no candy appears to have been unwrapped previously or tampered with in any way. If any of your kids have food allergies, read the ingredients and other information on the packaging. Doing so ensures no one is exposed to something that could cause them harm.

For additional tips on keeping the kids safe on Halloween, get in touch with the security experts at ADS Guards. We are a leading provider of residential security services in San Jose, and we also offer highly trained guards for commercial spaces and special events. Call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives and receive a complimentary quote.