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Ensuring Firearm Safety in Your Home

While gun ownership is generally considered a basic American right, firearms are still lethal weapons and should be handled responsibly. Keeping guns secure in the home can help them stay in the right hands and prevent accidental shootings. Consider these important safety tips, brought to you by the San Jose professional security experts at ADS Guards.

Evaluate Your Need for a Firearm

In the home, guns can sometimes be accessed by the wrong people or fired accidentally. While this chance can be decreased by storing guns safely and keeping them secure, the American Journal of Epidemiology found people with guns in the home are at greater risk of firearm homicide and suicide than those who don’t own guns. Consider how important it is for you to possess a firearm, especially if you have children in the home.

Store the Gun Securely

While your firearm is not in use, make sure to keep it stored securely in a gun safe or other locked device. Keep the weapon unloaded and store the ammunition separately, also under lock and key. Additionally, keep the stored weapon in a place hidden or inaccessible to children if possible. Keep other unauthorized individuals in mind as well. The gun needs to be locked properly, not just secured in a way you think will be childproof.

Train Yourself and Your Family

Although training is not required to own a firearm, it is important to keep yourself and other family members knowledgeable about safe gun practices. Even children who should not have access to the weapon can be taught basic rules, such as “Always treat a gun as if it’s loaded.” The lessons can be adjusted depending on the child’s age.

Know the Law

Be familiar with your local laws and ordinances dictating proper firearm storage, transportation, and firing. In California, firearms may only be transported unloaded and in a locked container, excluding glove boxes. Some areas also have city-specific laws. For instance, high-capacity magazines have recently been banned in Oakland.

Guns and safety don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You can learn more about how to use and keep one safely in your home by contacting ADS Guards. We are a leading provider of unarmed and armed security guards in San Jose, and have been serving the area for nearly 2 decades. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.