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How to Increase Safety in a Gated Community

Real estate agents are known to advertise homes located within gated communities as being safer than traditional dwellings built in open subdivisions. However, research into the incidence of crime in these walled and fenced neighborhoods reveals a different reality. A 2013 study conducted by researchers from American University and the University of Colorado revealed that gated communities were only safer than traditional suburban districts in terms of opportunistic burglaries. Other types of suburban crime are just as common inside gated communities as they are outside of their gates.

The security of a gated community should always be a priority. Here are four ideas to make the neighborhood a safer place.

Check for Standard Gate Compliance

If the automated gate system of your community was installed prior to 2017, chances are it does not comply with the UL 325 safety standard for residential access systems powered by electrical motors under 600 volts. The UL 325 standard calls for sensors to prevent accidental crushing of cars, residents, guests, children, and pets. Moreover, the standard covers matters related to electric fire prevention. HOAs that upgrade their automated gates to comply with this standard will likely get a reduction in their insurance premium.

Retain the Services of a Security Firm

During the 12th season of the reality television series Real Housewives of Orange County, cast member Kelly Dodd revealed she was leaving her husband of 11 years. In an interview with British tabloid The Daily Mail, Dodd explained she was making plans for moving out, and that she was specifically looking for a home with a guard at the gate. The appeal of gated communities protected by security guards is unquestionable. HOA board members who wish to elevate the status of their neighborhoods while increasing overall security should look into hiring uniformed guards through a reliable security company in San Jose, as doing so may also boost property values.

Bring Residents Together

HOAs should make an effort to plan community activities of interest to all residents. The goal is to encourage neighbors to get to know each other so they can establish amenable bonds. The activities do not have to be elaborate, but they should be diverse. Some examples include potluck lunches, walking and jogging clubs, movie nights for children, arts and crafts exhibits, poker games, and conversational Spanish tutoring. After residents become familiar with their peers in the community, they will be more likely to look out for each other in terms of security.

Discuss Security Issues with Residents

Safety and security are topics all residents of gated communities should be able to discuss. If you are a board member of your HOA, you can suggest holding special meetings dedicated solely to discuss neighborhood security. The goal should be to encourage maximum attendance and invite local law enforcement officers and security guards as guest speakers.

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