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How Professional Security Guards Address the Fight or Flight Instinct

The fight or flight response has been part of the human condition for thousands of years. For armed and unarmed security guards, this natural instinct may become more challenging to manage. However, it’s crucial for these professionals to stay focused.

In 2009, researchers from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs presented a spectrum of physiological responses to fight or flight encounters. Fright, faint, and freeze are within the spectrum of acute responses, which are not conducive to the duties of a security guard in San Jose. Effective training should prompt professional guards to recognize certain physiological changes and use them to their advantage so they can prevent responses such as fainting and freezing.

Fight or flight is a complex condition. Dozens of hormones are released when a person senses and recognizes danger. Once security guards start feeling these hormones surging and preparing them to flee or to handle the cause of danger, their training will allow them to leverage the effect of certain hormones to their advantage.

The most important aspect of fight and flight that security guards in San Jose need to remember is that they are not the only ones affected by it. For instance, when working a loss prevention assignment at a store, professional guards must keep in mind chasing a shoplifter may result in a fight or flight situation against them. If a shoplifter is cornered, he or she may choose to fight due to the guard cutting off potential escape routes.

Understanding the dimensions of fight and flight can help a San Jose armed guard stay safe while protecting people and property. The guard needs to know what is really happening and how the situation may escalate before choosing to act on his or her hormonal state.

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