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Every Security Guard Needs These 6 Items

While specific gadgets may vary from job to job, there are a few essential items that no security guard should be without. Trusted San Jose security guard company, ADS Guards San Jose, believes no guard should be without the following 6 items.

1. Digital Camera

Every security guard should clock in with a camera on his or her person. Whether a security guard needs to document a crime scene or remember details for reports, a camera is a helpful tool to supplement memory. Also, if a guard ever has to testify in court, picture evidence is priceless.

2. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is great for stopping an assailant without causing permanent damage and is a must-have item for on-duty security guards. Whether the attacker is human or beast, this liquid deterrent can give a guard the upper hand when safety is at risk.

3. Baton While

a security guard hopes to never use it, a baton offers protection in dangerous situations. Similar to pepper spray, it provides a non-lethal form of defense should another method, like pepper spray, be compromised or ineffective.

4. Flashlight

Even during daylight hours, situations are sure to arise where additional light is needed. At night, a flashlight is necessary to check ID badges, illuminate license plates, check nooks and crannies, light dark walkways, and much more.

5. Two-way Radio

Throughout their patrol, security guards need to stay connected and a radio helps them do just that. For times when communication is key, it gives officers swift access to outside help and information. 6. Utility Belt With necessities to carry and not enough hands, security guards need a high-capacity belt. When seconds matter, it is crucial for items to be conveniently located and easily accessible. Ensuring security guards have the right equipment is crucial to maintaining safety. For other ways to improve safety at your business or for a free quote, call 1-800-794-1550. ADS Guards of San Jose is a leading security guard provider with over 15 years of experience.