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What Types of Events Should Have Security Guards?

Any public or private function that draws a crowd has the potential for disaster, but hiring event security services in San Jose can help reduce this risk. Here are just a few of the types of events that can benefit from having professional security on hand.


In recent years, festivals have become a popular way for towns and counties to attract business and bring in revenue. Local festivals offer unique vendors and attractions that converge with thousands of attendees. Many towns and counties are not equipped to host these events without professional assistance, and large uncontrolled crowds can descend into chaos at a moment’s notice. However, several conspicuously placed security guards can help prevent these situations from escalating.

Trade Shows and Conventions

Trade shows and business conventions often gather people who make a living through competition into one venue. Some of these people feel trapped in their own lives for most of the year, hating each day more than the last. When a convention rolls around, they feel this gives them an opportunity to run wild on a business trip, out of the reach of their families. Highly trained security guards can ensure the choices these people make do not get out of hand.

Local Sporting Events

Minor and little league sports are a wholesome pastime for players and spectators alike, but fans and parents can also become overly enthusiastic. What starts as moderate alcohol consumption and friendly wagering often spirals out of control. Heated disagreements can become fistfights, and parents of the losing team are sometimes unable to cover their bets. Hiring trained security guards is the best way to maintain order at any local sporting event.


Weddings, by their very nature, can be tense social situations in which two families are pressed together into a small space. Navigating the social scene at some weddings can be a perilous task. It only takes one unwelcome relative getting a little rowdy or an ex-lover making a crude comment, and you have the catalyst that can lead to disaster. The festive mood at a wedding can give way to its undercurrents and turn sour at any moment, but a social faux pas like this can be avoided by having professional security guards on hand.

If you are planning the type of event that needs some level of crowd control, contact ADS Guards for your security needs. We have been a leading provider of professional armed and unarmed guards in San Jose for nearly two decades. Call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives and to receive a free quote.