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5 Important Pieces of Equipment for Security Guards

As is the case for many professionals across various fields, the work of security guards is greatly augmented by the gear and equipment they utilize in the performance of their duties. Providing security is something that typically requires a high degree of mobility, which means guards often have to carry or wear the equipment that can help them in a variety of situations. Here are five essential pieces of equipment used by security guards these days.

1. Weapons

San Jose armed security guards often carry a semiautomatic pistol as their sidearm. Assignments such as guarding armored trucks may require the handling of shotguns. Other equipment may include extendable batons and pepper spray canisters. Weapons carried by security guards are meant to be defensive, and they primarily serve as deterrence factors. Sophisticated criminals who rely on never getting caught will certainly notice armed guards and decide to move on to another target.

2. Communications Equipment

Two-way radios that operate on secure channels are a must for all security officers, particularly if they work in teams or if their duties require them to stay in touch with a command and control center. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly being used by security guards, particularly if they are equipped with earpieces for hands-free communication. However, two-way radios tend to feature greater battery life without the constraints of wireless signal coverage.

3. Tactical Uniforms

The clothing worn by security guards can serve various purposes. All uniforms worn by security personnel are tactical because they adhere to plans formulated to achieve certain goals according to form and function. Utility uniforms are usually worn by guards on foot patrols, while those in corporate settings may wear more formal clothing. Comfortable and sturdy footwear is a must. Depending on the risk assessment and the duties of a security guard in San Jose, a bulletproof vest and a security belt may also be worn to carry and organize weapons and equipment.

4. Digital Cameras

The ability to record video or take photographs is one of the reasons smartphones are being increasingly used by security guards. The images and footage recorded by digital cameras can serve as evidence or surveillance, and they can also be used to make tactical decisions when evaluating patrol routes or security plans. In many cases, photos taken by security guards have been used by law enforcement officers as part of criminal investigations.

5. First Aid Kit

Since they are expected to protect life as well as property, security guards often find themselves in situations where they must act as first responders in medical emergencies. To this effect, many guards attend training to acquire the skills necessary to render basic life support. First aid kits used by security guards may contain gloves, dressings, bandages, scissors, tweezers, alcohol or other disinfectant solutions, tape, and a shield that can be used in cardiopulmonary resuscitation efforts.

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