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6 Most Important Duties of Corporate Security Guards

In today’s increasingly complex and corporate environment, security has become a very challenging aspect of doing business. When anti-globalization protesters stormed the 1999 World Trade Organization summit in Seattle, the need for strengthened corporate security reached a turning point. The modern corporate world faces many risks and threats that security personnel are called upon to handle. Here are some of the duties corporate security guards are expected to perform these days.

1. Adherence to Security Plans and Programs

Even when outside agencies are retained to provide corporate security services in San Jose, the contracted guards must answer to the executive officer in charge of security. In a retail environment, security guards fall under the purview of a loss prevention director. In a corporate environment, they must answer to the corporate security officer (CSO) and adhere to specific plans.

2. Protection of Corporate Personnel

As in other business settings, a San Jose armed security guard is tasked with protecting life. In a corporate setting, protecting life may involve escorting high-profile executives when there is a credible risk that they may be targeted by criminals, agitators, or instigators. The movements of controversial CEOs such as Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corp and 21st Century Fox, are closely followed not only by journalists but also by bold protesters. In 2011, Murdoch took a pie to his face, and a similar situation has happened to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Although a pie to the face is mostly harmless, there is always a risk of escalated violence.

3. Protection of Corporate Facilities

Security guards assigned to corporate offices are expected to watch over the physical integrity of facilities. Acts of vandalism such as graffiti are increasingly being perpetrated against corporations. More serious attacks may involve defacement, destruction, and sabotage by protesters and activists.

4. Protection of Intellectual Property

As Wikileaks, the Panama Papers, and the Paradise Papers have demonstrated, activists have a great amount of interest in revealing the dealings of corporations by exposing confidential documents. Corporate security officers in San Jose are being trained to detect potential leaks or theft of intellectual property by activists, rogue insiders, and corporate espionage perpetrators.

5. Crowd Control and Handling the Public

Some companies operate in sectors that are more prone to controversy than others. The corporate offices of investment banking and mining firms can expect to be targeted by protesters, activists, and the press. Corporate security guards are expected to be able to contain protesters while at the same time respecting their freedom of speech and allowing them to interact with public relations personnel in an orderly manner.

6. Controlling Access to Corporate Facilities

This is one of the most important duties handled by security guards posted at the entrances of corporate offices. The current threat environment may require tight access control, and thus guards are called upon to check badges, identification, and credentials of employees, vendors, journalists, partners, government inspectors, law enforcement officers, and visitors.

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