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How Can You Tell If Your Business Needs Security Guard Patrol?

Protecting your business is a very serious consideration, and it is important to assess whether or not you need to hire an outside security firm. Many businesses offer a variety of security and monitoring packages that can be chosen to meet your company‚Äôs needs. It’s likely time hire professional guard patrol security in San Jose if any of the following scenarios apply to your business.

Difficulty Securing Access to Your Building

Your assets are important and deserve to be protected. If you have ever found a package courier wandering the halls, you may need help securing your access points. This may include providing intervention protocols that prevent individuals from entering locations where they do not belong.

Handling Sensitive or Classified Materials

Information and products need to be protected, whether it’s patient information, government files, or industry secrets. To remain competitive in the high-paced economy, many businesses have developed or been entrusted with secrets and information that needs to be protected at all costs.

Loss Due to Inside Sources

Sometimes the threat of loss doesn’t come from an outside source but from your own employees and contractors. If you have noticed an increase in expenses due to loss but haven’t seen any indication of outside theft, your employees and other trusted individuals could be stealing. A patrol guard can provide a deterrent to inside theft.

Increase in Local Criminal Activity

You are familiar with the area in which your business is located. An indication you may need security guards in San Jose, CA, is if you have noticed or been informed of a recent increase in the level of criminal activity in your neighborhood. It is important to remain vigilant and take notice of any recent vandalism or unusual groups of people loitering near your property.

Concern for the Safety of Your Employees

Many companies operate long hours that keep their employees on-site well into the night. A security patrol guard can help your employees feel safer when they are walking to or from their vehicles. It may also make them feel valued to know you are concerned about their safety.

High Insurance Liability

When you are running a business, you accept a significant liability just by maintaining a workforce and owning assets that multiple people can access. You can purchase comprehensive insurance to help mitigate the risk assumed by owning a business, but the premiums on insurance plans for businesses can be prohibitively expensive. Hiring a security patrol guard may yield an insurance discount that can lower the cost associated with contracting a security firm.

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