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6 Signs a Business Needs to Hire Professional Guards

If you are a business owner who thinks in terms of growth and expansion, there may come a time when you realize security personnel should be incorporated into your operations. You may not realize it now, but security has always been an important aspect of your business. Security is what you have in mind when you lock the office doors and when you install firewall and antivirus software in your office workstations. You know your business will need a San Jose security officer when you observe the following signs.

1. Increased Crime

Moving may not always be an option when crime rates start going up in your neighborhood. When local business owners and police officers start discussing a wave of break-ins in your commercial district, you should reasonably think you could be next.

2. Multiple Liability Claims

If workers’ compensation and general liability claims have been gradually stacking up against your company, there is a good chance they will slow down after you retain security services in San Jose, CA. Workers, customers, and associates tend to be more mindful of their actions when they see security guards.

3. Shoplifting

If you are a retail store owner whose retail shrinkage has turned into serious loss, your next move should be to post uniformed security guards on the premises, particularly if you already have a video surveillance system that is not detecting losses. Stealth shrinkage could be the work of professionals or insiders. These malicious operators tend to stop the moment they see security guards.

4. Safety Concerns

Large establishments do not have to be dedicated to construction, warehousing, or manufacturing to have safety concerns. By being a large establishment that employs a lot of workers, even a call center may have safety concerns in terms of foot traffic, parking lot activity, and employee interaction. Security guards can be trained to be safety officers, and they often serve as first responders in emergency situations.

5. Political Animosity

You already know political sentiment has become a thorny and even dangerous aspect of American life. Let’s say you are the founding partner of a law firm that has taken on a significant lobbying contract to advance a controversial bill at the state or federal level. Once details of this lucrative contract are made public, activists may target your office and staff. As a founder, the right thing to do would be to protect your employees, partners, and premises by hiring a San Jose armed security guard.

6. Liquor on the Premises

Whenever liquor is involved, the potential for trouble increases. Even if you do not operate a tavern or a restaurant, there may be times when liquor will be served on the premises. A beauty salon may offer wine, an auto dealership may plan a Fourth of July picnic complete with beer and grilled burgers, or you may decide to throw a holiday party for your staff.

ADS Guards can provide the protection your business needs, any time of day or night. Our highly trained armed and unarmed guards are reliable and professional industry leaders. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to receive a free quote.