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5 Reasons Summer Festivals Should Have Security

Summer festivals require careful planning and execution, but many organizers neglect to hire professional security guards despite the important role they play in keeping these events safe. Hiring trained San Jose security guards can make a summer festival a success in the following ways.

1. Ensure the Safety of Attendees

Regardless of the type of festival you’re organizing, safety should be the first priority for any event attracting large crowds. Experienced security guards can protect innocent attendees from rowdy troublemakers. Good security guards will see problems in the making and quash them quickly.

2. Reduce Financial Losses

When running any summer festival, keeping costs down is just as essential as selling tickets. Security guards can make sure only paying customers make it onto the premises, and they’ll also see to it you don’t rack up major bills for broken equipment and property damage.

3. Prevent Potential Lawsuits

Nothing sinks a promising annual festival series like individual or class action lawsuits. Established security guard companies in San Jose carry their own comprehensive liability insurance to protect them from frivolous legal action. They also go out of their way to prevent lawsuit-worthy incidents from occurring at these events in the first place.

4. Control Crowds During Performances

Though any festival is bound to be a tad unpredictable, a semi-structured environment can help deliver the best experience for everybody. Trained security guards keep crowds in line, which allows the performing acts to feed off their positive energy and create special memories.

5. Enhance the Festival’s Image

It’s hard to attract a respectable crowd to a festival if potential attendees perceive the event as amateurish or unsafe. Having security guards at a summer festival gives the event a professional feel that can persuade attendees to come back next year and maybe even bring a few friends with them.

If you need security for you summer festival, trust in ADS Guards to provide special event security San Jose residents can count on. We also offer professional security services for commercial and residential spaces. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 and one of our qualified representatives would be happy to answer your questions and provide a free quote.