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The Differences Between Armed Security Guards and Police Officers

Whether you’re looking to secure a major event or want greater security for your home or business, it’s important to understand the difference between having a police presence and having your own dedicated armed guards onsite. Most people are surprised to learn armed private security predates the establishment of organized police departments. In addition to having a long and well-documented history in the protection industry, privately hired security officers maintain a massive commitment to always providing excellent customer service. Here are a few of the other differences between police and armed security guards.

Their Training and Abilities Can Vary

One of the greatest perceived differences between trained security guards and police officers is the level of training received. Police officers are often believed to have superior weapons, tactics, and procedural training. When private security is secured through a reputable company, however, companies and consumers will have access to professionals who are well versed in conflict negotiations and the appropriate use of both lethal and non-lethal force. The primary differences in training between officers and guards lie in the areas of training rather than the quality or amount. For instance, armed guards do not generally receive training on making vehicle stops, conducting field sobriety tests, or directing traffic because these are not skills they are likely to use in their profession.

Private Security Works for You

Police departments are operated, regulated, and paid via public monies and, thus, they disburse their manpower and resources as the related municipality sees fit. While you might request a police presence at your home, business, or event, your local police department may not have adequate resources for meeting this request. The first goal of a San Jose security guard, however, is to appease his or her customers. Private armed guards are guaranteed to be onsite and in action for as long as you need them to be.

Private Security Services Are Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Hiring armed guards in San Jose gives you the opportunity to determine the exact nature of the security presence on your private or commercial property. While armed guards adhere to all relevant local laws, they also prioritize the preferences and needs of each customer. Because of this, you have a greater ability to determine how tense situations will be resolved or diffused when working with these professionals.

They May or May Not Have Similar Work Histories

Another surprising fact about armed security guards is that these professionals often have prior experience in the military or on the police force. Thus, their knowledge, experience, and general know-how can be just as impressive as that of an active officer. Although these professionals work to ensure public safety in different capacities, they often have similar training and experience as well as similar methods for getting the job done.

Knowing your private property or event is being watched over by trained professionals can offer you greater peace of mind. If you need professional security guards services for residential or commercial purposes in the San Jose area, call the private security experts at ADS Guards at 1-800-794-1550 today.