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Understanding the Differences Between Security Patrol and On-Site Security Guards

Your property is of great value to you, and you want to protect it. When it comes to security, there are two routes you can take. One is security patrol and the other is an on-site security guard.¬†If you’re unsure what the difference between the two is, the experts at ADS Security Guards in San Jose can help explain how they’re different.

Security Patrol

Security patrol is when a security guard drives around and checks on a property at specified times of the day or night. Some security guards will get out of the vehicle and check locks or do a walk through. The cost is generally lower for security patrol because the service isn’t ¬†comprehensive. This type of security is great for a wide variety of businesses, but it’s important to consider what happens if there is a problem when the patrol isn’t there. Most security patrols have many properties in one day, so this option is better suited for businesses or properties that want to establish a security presence, but don’t necessarily need a guard on-site for hours at a time.

On-Site Security

An on-site security guard is on the property at all times to ensure things are running as they should be. On-site security is available to remove unwelcome people, deter criminal activity, and regularly walk around the property. On-site security guards can also be stationed in booths at entrances of gated communities or business parks to check people entering or leaving. Being on the property everyday also allows them to become more familiar with it, meaning they’ll have an easier time recognizing suspicious people, objects, or activities.

Finding the Right Security

The type of security that you need for your property depends on the type of company you have and what services you need. You can save money with security patrol, but you won’t have the same protection that you get from an on-site security guard. Reach out to ADS Guards at 1-800-794-1550 to learn more about the benefits of each type of security and to discuss your security guard options.