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Get San Jose’s Top Corporate Security Services with ADS Guards

No matter how large or small your San Jose corporation is, it’s crucial to have reliable and trusted security in place to protect your assets, enhance your company’s reputation and instil confidence in your employees, clients and visitors. At ADS, we understand that if left unwatched, large and small businesses alike can become targeted for repeat burglaries, vandalism, theft and other harmful criminal activity potentially costing your company thousands of dollars. Having a private San Jose security guard from ADS who’s sole responsibility is to safeguard your site will not only help protect your corporate offices but it will also provide you with peace of mind. Some of the benefits of having an ADS corporate security guard include:

    • Controlled entry point guards
    • Exit security to check for stolen possessions
    • Entry gate attendants
    • Visitor management and escort
    • Employee ID verification
    • Personal belongings search
    • Employee and client protection
    • Monitoring of security cameras
    • Parking lot patrol by foot and/or marked vehicle
    • Late night escort to vehicles
    • Lock and re-lock procedure for windows and doors
    • Enforce any parking regulations upon request
    • First responder to any alarms or concerns
    • Answer phones after hours if requested
    • Decrease or eliminate burglary, vandalism and theft
    • Meticulous logs and action reports provided daily


Private Hire Corporate Security Guards Available for 24/7 Shifts

Whether you need limited security at specified times each day or 24/7 guards for continuous monitoring, the private security guards at ADS are available to help. A private security guard is able to reinforce your corporation’s prestige and brand image while providing an inviting and safe work environment for employees and clients. From patrolling the inside and outside of the premises and inspecting suspicious activity to greeting employees and checking in visitors, our San Jose guards are trained and experienced in handling every aspect of large and small corporate security.

Licensed Bay Area Guards Fully Prepared to Protect

Our guards become experts with your company’s floor plan, emergency procedures, rules and regulations, technical capabilities, and insurance policies before they begin guarding your premises. This allows you to have peace of mind knowing that every single safety precaution is being taken care of without the need for you to take time out of your busy day to train and teach a security professional. Our security officers will already be up to speed and ready to work when they arrive. Furthermore, all of our highly trained security guards are licensed, bonded and insured.

Is an ADS Corporate Security Guard Right for You?

ADS offers armed and unarmed corporate security services in San Jose for business owners and managers who are seeking daily office and building security control, overnight patrol, 24/7 security, gatehouse security, and much more. For a free price quote over the phone, call ADS at 1-800-794-1550 today.