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5 Crimes Security Guards Can Prevent in a Corporate Environment

The American corporate environment is supposed to be a sophisticated world where laws are obeyed and rules are followed. However, this ideal is often shattered by the reality of crimes in the workplace. For this reason, opting for corporate security services in San Jose is essential at a time when criminal behavior is not exempt from the corporate world. Here are 5 criminal situations that can be prevented, thwarted, or managed by trained security guards assigned to protect corporate workplaces.

1. Vandalism

We live in complicated times of deep ideological division and uncertainty. To this effect, political protests across the United States are escalating and corporate interests are often being targeted. For decades, activists opposed to free trade and globalization have targeted major brands with vandalism and destruction of property. These days, anti-globalization protesters have joined forces with other radicals who are against the political status quo. These groups are known to vandalize, but they usually choose targets that are not protected by security guards.

2. Employee Theft

According to statistics compiled by Sysrepublic, theft by American workers cost their employers $18 billion per year. Even with intense pre-employment screening and loyalty programs, the odds of staff members stealing from their employers are always high. The enterprise world tends to be more sophisticated. Therefore, corporate thievery also tends to be sophisticated and complex. The mere presence of uniformed guards in corporate offices can go a long way in dissuading casual employee theft. “Professional” thieves are more difficult to catch. This may require a video surveillance system monitored by trained security professionals.

3. Physical Assault and Battery

As much as we would like to think of corporate offices as safe workplaces, they are not exempt from acts of violence. Heated arguments, blackmail, and disgruntled employees are some of the situations that can potentially lead to violence in the corporate workplace, but the odds of such incidents taking place are substantially reduced by the presence of uniformed security guards, particularly when they are licensed and trained in the use of firearms.

4. Fraudulent Insurance Claims

It is widely known that American corporations are required to carry liability insurance policies that provide millions of dollars in coverage. Sadly, fraudsters and flimflam artists are well aware of this corporate requirement, which they often use to their advantage. Two of the most common sham liability claims are slips and falls and fabricated parking lot incidents. When uniformed security officers are posted and on patrol, fraudsters tend to be dissuaded. Even when claims are filed in court, statements and observations made by a San Jose security guard can help dismiss lawsuits.

5. Sabotage

Ideology, fanaticism, and radical thoughts against corporate brands are part of the world we live in. Hacktivists and radicals may take action against corporations with the assistance of insiders. However, sabotage can be prevented with the presence and surveillance conducted by security guards trained in recognizing these threats.

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