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Top 5 Reasons to Hire Security Guards for Construction Sites

Security guards perform many important functions for businesses, regardless of the industry. In some industries, however, security guards are nearly an absolute essential. Below are 5 reasons to hire San Jose security guards for construction sites or projects.

1. Protect Equipment

If you’re a foreman or construction company owner you understand just how important having functioning equipment is to maintaining tight schedules, keeping your project moving forward, and making your livelihood. With security guards to protect your equipment from vandals or thieves, you can rest assured that your operation won’t be compromised.

2. Protect Materials

Thieves love construction sites. Materials are often left unattended and unsecured, and thus pose a ripe opportunity for those of a seedier disposition. In order to adequately protect your materials, it is advised to lock them up nightly and hire security patrol in San Jose for night duty.

3. Protect the Site

Similarly, the importance of maintaining site integrity cannot be understated. Vandals frequently choose construction sites to deface, and often this means mindless destruction of projects your team has worked hard on. Hiring a security guard can deter these criminal activities.

4. Protect Workers

You may not have considered the possibility of intrusion during working hours, especially if you’re on-site, but it does happen. Although nighttime security is essential, inefficient daytime security can leave you, your site, and your workers at risk.

5. Protect Your Investment

Overall, everything on your construction site represents an investment from your company and your client. By bringing in security professionals to maintain order and ensure things run smoothly and safely, you are protecting more than your equipment, materials, or site. You are protecting your long-term investment.

If you’d like a free estimate for construction site security, call ADS Guards at 1-800-794-1550. We are San Jose’s leading provider of diligent, unarmed and armed security guards. Speak with a security representative today to learn more.